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The curious winter of 2002











The photos above were taken in January 2002, within a week of each other. At right, Mr. Adam enjoys the National Zoo, at left, Kerry and Kate play in the snow.

Our Continuing Column "Adam's Adventures" chronicles our boy's life 'n' times. Newly updated to include his baby sister.

By popular demand: See Adam in motion. Our peculiar animation of the little boy.

"Soundings" by Richard Davis


There's an artist in the family: Rick "Richard" Davis, author, scholar, chef, renaissance man, has offered his watercolor original for the world to see, and buy---making it our first piece of fine art to grace these pages. See Soundings (130KB download) and discover what Rick has done to advance the art of painting.

We're proud that there's such excitement for The Horse Whisperer, since our ancestor John Solomon Rarey was the original tamer of mean horses.
This famous Rarey, chronicled in Sara Lowe Brown's Rarey, the Horse's Master and Friend (copyright 1916) had the unique ability to turn fierce, dangerous horses into rideable, friendly beasts---without using violent techniques or hurting the animal in any manner. Some people of our acquaintance could stand to have those same techniques applied to them.
See our abridged on-line version of this interesting and lively book, and learn more about John Solomon Rarey.